Cocktails through the Decades

Everyone has a favorite cocktail. It may be a classic like the Old Fashioned or maybe it’s one that was recently invented and hasn’t quite caught on yet. New cocktails are made every day. It has even become a trend to create your own drink for a wedding or bridal shower! Do you know when your favorite was invented? Or how it made its claim to fame? Keep scrolling to see if it was the most popular of its decade.

1900’s/10’s – Old Fashioned

People began throwing sugar and bitters into their whiskey in the 1900’s and the Old Fashioned was born. This classic was one of the first popularized cocktails and introduced an entirely new era of drinking.

1920’s – Singapore Sling

The term “sling” simply means the mix of alcohol, flavor, and water. Although the original mixture of this drink is unknown, we know it is simple and inexpensive because it was created during prohibition.

1930’s – Bloody Mary

This drink originated in a club in New York and is known as the perfect morning pick me up. It is still popular today and every restaurant or bar makes it their own with garnishes.

1940’s – Daiquiri

The Daiquiris we know and love today aren’t quite the way they were originally made. They originated during WWII when anything but rum was hard to come by. It began as a simple lime drink and slowly evolved into the fruity flavors we see today.

1950’s – Martini

Vodka based cocktails were born in the 1950’s. The most popular and arguably classic of them was the martini. Do you take yours classic or dry?

1960’s – Mai Thai

The Mai Thai was one of the most popular drinks at the time when fruity drinks made their claim to fame. In the 1950’s people started to care more about the flavor of drinks and began mixing them with fruit juices.

1970’s – Harvey Wallbanger

The 1970’s brought diversity to the liquors many places offered. What used to be gin, rum, vodka, and tequila now included more exotic flavors like Galliano, a key ingredient in the Harvey Wallbanger.

1980’s – Pina Colada

It’s no shock that the Pina Colada was the most popular cocktail of the 1980’s. It was featured in Miami Vice shortly after it made a musical debut in Escape’s “Do You Like Pina Coladas?”.

1990’s – Long Island Iced Tea

This cocktail originated in Long Island long before it was popularized in the 1990’s. The issue of balancing flavor with alcohol content was over and people began prioritizing the amount of alcohol a cocktail contained.

2000’s – Cosmopolitan

Just like the Pina Colada, the Cosmopolitan also made its claim to fame on a TV show. Manhattan’s Sex and the City began the Cosmo craze when Carrie Bradshaw made them her signature drink.

Cocktails have changed a lot since they were first invented and went through many different phases to get to where they are today. Whether you like the classics that have been around for over 100 years, or you prefer the new trends, there is a cocktail for everyone. Did your favorite make the list?

Want the recipe’s for these cocktails? Follow this link!


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