Friendsgiving: How to Host Your Best One Yet

Written by: Madi McDonald

Ready to host your first Friendsgiving? Well then you found just the right place. We are here to give you the background of Friendsgiving, ideas/tips on how to host, and activities to make the night a blast.

What is Friendsgiving?

Friendsgiving comes from the blend of Friends and Thanksgiving. Even though the term “Friendsgiving” seems to have been around for a long time, it is surprisingly new. The term Friendsgiving first appeared around the year 2007 in twitter posts, and around 2008/2009 it started to show up in lifestyle pieces. It wasn’t until 2011 when Friendsgiving appeared in a national ad campaign for Bailey’s Irish Cream. 

Just like how Thanksgiving is typically spent around the table with close friends and family, the new tradition of “Friendsgiving” is just the same, except just with your close knit friends. Friendsgiving is a time to show your thankfulness for your friends and to enjoy with less expectations and stress of an actual Thanksgiving. Friendsgiving is typically hosted around/near the time of Thanksgiving, with the most popular and common days on the Wednesday evening before Thanksgiving or the Friday after.

Ideas/Tips for Hosting

Being a host can be stressful, but we want to ease that stress and make your Friendsgiving a stress free time. It is important to plan ahead, when you are hosting Friendsgiving, especially when it comes to cooking. A suggestion we have is that you cook the turkey beforehand, so if anyone of your friends need to use the oven or the kitchen, it won’t be crammed in the kitchen. Another piece of advice to hosting, is to ask your friends to bring items, such as food, drinks, games, etc. Make sure that you tell your friends specifically what food/drinks to bring and how much to bring, so you as the host can stay organized and no one will bring a duplicate item. Another tip, is at the end of Friendsgiving, have everyone help in the clean up so you can all get back to enjoying each others company. The last tip I have for you is as a host you may want to include decorations, such as, a festive table display. That could include a festive tablecloth, festive napkins, special plates/silverware, and cute festive centerpieces. Get creative in your decorations, as there are many DIY projects out there with decoration ideas for your Friendsgiving.

Fun Activities

If you are wondering what to do during Friendsgiving besides just sitting down and eating, consider doing some fun activities. We have a list of options below of activities you can do throughout your Friendsgiving. Feel free to get with your friends and plan/make up other types of activities though. There is not limit to what fun activities you can plan during your Friendsgiving!

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