Things to Pack for Women’s Weekend

With Women’s Weekend 2021 coming up, it’s time to start thinking about what you’re going to bring! Although we do suggest that you leave some room in your luggage for extra goodies you’ll pick up while in Lake Geneva, there are some essentials that you can bring with you. If you want to get the full Lake Geneva experience though, it’s always a fun idea to pick up what you need for the weekend while you’re here! 

  1. Cute clothes 

This one is obvious, but it has to be mentioned! Since we didn’t have the opportunity to show off our cutest outfits last year, this is your time to do it. Women’s Weekend is a great time to take pictures with your friends and dress up if you want to! Also, make sure to check the weather before you start packing and bring extra pairs just in case. 

  1. Yoga mat

While our yogalaties event does provide mats if needed, it is preferred that you bring your own! Along with this, you should think of packing some yoga clothes so you can enjoy the beautiful combination of yoga and pilates in some clothes that allow you to move. 

  1. Toiletries 

When you’re going on any trip, you’re going to need some toiletries! If you’re staying at one of our sponsors hotels, you can expect to be given the usual complimentary toiletries by the hotel. However, it’s always a good idea to stock up on some travel size essentials! 

  1. Walking shoes 

You’ll be walking around a lot in Lake Geneva, especially if you want to partake in our virtual scavenger hunt! With a hiking trail that wraps around the lake, you might find yourself venturing out to the trail to enjoy a peaceful walk. Also, since so many of our events are near each other, there will be no need for a car on many occasions! 

  1. Swim Suit 

Many hotels in Lake Geneva have a hot tub or swimming pool that you can enjoy after a long day of fun activities! Also, it’s never a bad idea to come prepared with some flip flops if you plan on going to the pool. No one wants to walk around a hotel with no shoes on! 

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