It is the goal of the lake geneva digest to create a space for women to learn, share, and explore new ways to have fun. Whether thats a girls night out or a shopping spree weekend to treat yourself. Here at the digest we encourage you to comment, share, and contact us with any recommendations you would like to hear more about. Please help us become your number one resource in creating new memories.

For the guys out there this is a great place for you to learn new ways to treat your women. For instance if you need a new date or gift idea look hear first and as always contact us if you have suggestions on new ways to impress your women.

In April come join us for a relaxing getaway weekend with all of your girl friends. Enjoy an exciting weekend in Lake Geneva filled with shopping, bonding, and relaxation. There will be many fun activities for you and your girl friends to take part in. Women’s weekend is held in Lake Geneva WI, every spring. Please follow us on social media and check out our website. Click Here.