Halloween Movies

What’s October without spooky Halloween movies? From family friendly to horror filled, there is a Halloween movie for every mood. Here are our top ten favorites from the last 60 years (in no specific order) to get you in the spooky spirit! #1 Hocus Pocus (1993) PG, Fantasy/Horror #2 Beetlejuice (1988) PG, Fantasy/Horror #3 It’s […]

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Cocktails through the Decades

Everyone has a favorite cocktail. It may be a classic like the Old Fashioned or maybe it’s one that was recently invented and hasn’t quite caught on yet. New cocktails are made every day. It has even become a trend to create your own drink for a wedding or bridal shower! Do you know when […]

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Bridal Trends through the Ages

Brides are told that their wedding day is “their day”. They get to plan the whole day to be absolutely perfect, including their dream wedding dress! From boho to ball gowns, there is a style out there for everyone and, like a snowflake, no two dresses are the same. No wonder tv shows like “Say […]

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Music Through The Decades

In the last 100 years music has changed a lot. Musicians have been given the unique ability to completely change a culture and leave their mark on history. Influencers like Elvis, Madonna, The Beatles, and Jimi Hendrix are just a few of the names that come to mind when considering who led the transitions from […]

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Back to School Tips & Tricks

Ease your kids into a school bed time. Waking up early is hard, especially if you are not used to it yet. The week before school starts begin moving up your child’s bedtime and waking them up earlier in the morning. This will make the first week of school easier to wake up for and […]

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Art in the Park

This Saturday, August 11th, Lake Geneva has its 38th annual Art in the Park! The Details: Flat Iron Park, downtown Lake Geneva Saturday, 11th from 10am – 5pm & Sunday, 12th from 10am – 4pm FREE ADMISION Visitors can look at local art from more than 80 exhibits including pottery, glass, jewelry, printmaking, and much […]

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