Women's Weekend Day 1-2


5 Healthy Snacks for Kids and Yourself as Well!

  1. Frozen banana bites
    • Small pieces of banana chopped up and dipped in chocolate.
  2. Peanut butter and apples
    • This is an easy and simple snack that is underrated.
  3. Homemade fries and chips
    • There are many great options to making your own chips and fries. Here are some of my favorite ones.
  4. Mini fruit pizza
  5. Smoothie
    • You can try so many different combinations with smoothies. Check out some great combos here.



Women’s Weekend Bronze Sponsors

India Hicks

India Hicks is a place where they share their rather lovely collections in partnership with entrepreneurial women who are not kidding around. They call them Ambassadors and together they are building something extraordinary.

They also have an event during Women’s Weekend that you should check out!

  • Hear about the life story of India Hicks and how the influences in her life have led her to build her company empowering women to serve each other and build extraordinary relationships for a lifetime.
  • Learn about social retail, the badass India Hicks tribe and how it’s bringing women together to tell their story and create a legacy. Side hustle or main hustle, you decide!

For more information check out their site here.


ReVive Art Gallery

A beautiful art gallery located in downtown Lake Geneva. they offer FUN mosaic classes for individuals, small or large groups. Plan your own Mosaic Art Party!

Check out their site here!


Kunes Country Ford Lincoln

Kunes Country Auto Group is dedicated to building people’s lives in the communities we serve. We’re family owned and operated. Gregg Kunes started with Kunes Country Ford Lincoln in Delavan, Wisconsin in 1996, and over the years they have grown to twelve dealerships throughout Illinois and Wisconsin.

Kunes Country’s mission is of course to deliver exceptional customer service, but also to serve our communities well in the form of projects, promotions support, donations and wherever else is needed.

For more information check out their site here!


Renewal by Anderson

This is the full-service replacement-window division of Anderson Windows. There is a wide variety of options and you can schedule a consultation. Also, you can even visualize how the windows will look on your home if you follow the steps on their site.

Spa Day-2

Everyone deserves to pamper themselves so here is a great opportunity for you to kick back and relax. Above is the checklist for the spa day and there are many variations fo what you can use. Feel free to add or take away any steps to personalize it because this is all about you and your wants!

The first stage is to set the mood!

  1. Candles create the perfect ambiance for the setting and there are so many inexpensive options for a great scent.
  2. Relaxing music adds another layer to the setting as you could listen to nature sounds such as waves crashing or any playlist that is full of music that relaxes you. Spotify has many curated relaxing playlists.

Next is the Pampering!

  1. Bath Bombs can be as expensive or inexpensive as you want. There is a great option in Downtown Lake Geneva, Balance Bath and Body and places like Target make bath bombs easily accessible.
  2. Face Masks range in all types and varieties. This is where you can get a little creative and even try out some DIY face masks. I personally love clay mud masks as they help tighten and exfoliate the skin.
  3. Mani/ Pedis are great for everyone! Here is a great site on how to achieve the perfect mani pedi at home!

And the most important thing is to stay hydrated!

  1. Cucumber and Lemon water are great options to flush out the toxins and there are countless benefits of drinking water. There are various recipes on fruit infused water on Pinterest. You can always upgrade to wine if you are over the age of 21!