Fourth of July Activities

It’s that time of the year again, the time where we all get together to celebrate this country while enjoying some fireworks. Though we all have our traditions, it’s never a bad idea to add on some new Fourth of July activities. Here’s a list of activities to consider incorporating into your Fourth of July this year. 

  1. Get crafty 

Making crafts for the Fourth of July is a great way to express your creative side while decorating your house. Homemade centerpieces and wreaths will put you and those around you in the holiday spirit. 

Fourth of July DIY ideas

  1. Grill out 

A Fourth of July staple for many families is the annual cook-out. From burgers to brats to corn on the cob, everyone will find something they like and leave full. If you haven’t partaken in this activity in past years, then this might be the year to experiment in the kitchen! 

  1. Have a picnic

If grilling out isn’t your cup of tea, try having a picnic instead! Not only do you get to enjoy a nice meal, but you also get to enjoy the outdoors at the same time. The food options are endless when it comes to picnics, but since it’s a holiday, try making your meal red, white and blue themed. 

  1. Sparklers

If your local fireworks are canceled this year, have fun at home with some sparklers. These little fireworks are easy to find and make for some great pictures. 

  1. Backyard camping 

The best way to spend your Fourth of July night is under the stars. You can make a bonfire and have some smores, or just relax and enjoy the outdoors. Either way, watching the stars and fireworks will make for the perfect night. Just make sure to check your weather forecast beforehand!