Skin Care Products for Summer

We’re almost halfway through summer, but that doesn’t mean it’s too late to help your skin stay healthy during these warmer months. Here are a couple skin care products that are sure to protect your skin from the sun! 

  1. Facial Moisturizer with SPF

It’s important to protect your skin from the sun year round, but more so during the summer months. This means wearing products with SPF to prevent skin damage. For daily purposes, try using facial moisturizers that contain SPF. But for long days out in the sun, stick to using heavy duty sunscreen. 

Facial Moisturizer with SPF

  1. Soothing cucumber mask 

Sunburns are bound to happen when you’re out in the sun, and when it happens, you’re going to want this face mask. Since this mask is infused with aloe and cucumber, it’s sure to soothe any redness and irritation. 

Soothing Cucumber Mask

  1. Moisturizing Face Cleanser

It’s important to keep your skin moisturized during summer, but that can be hard at times with harsh facial cleansers. Thanks to the squalane oils in this facial cleanser, your face will be clean while keeping the natural oils that are essential for your skin’s health. 

The Ordinary – Squalane Cleanser 

  1. Face Mist 

Not only will a facial mist cool you down on a hot day, but it will also rejuvenate your skin. The pure nurture facial mist has many antioxidants and nutrients that help to hydrate your skin. 

Pure Nurture Facial Mist

  1. Nightly Lip Treatment 

It’s easy to forget about our lips when we think about protecting our skin. Using lip balm with SPF is an easy way to protect your lips during the day is a great step to take. If you want to take it to the next level, doing a nightly lip treatment can help to hydrate and restore the skin on your lips. Dermalogica – Lip Treatment