Techniques for Positive Self-talk

Positive self-talk can often be difficult when everything seems to be going wrong, but a big part of growing is finding the ability to love yourself, even in negative situations. To help get you out of a negative mindset, we’ve compiled a list of techniques for positive self-talk. 

  1. Find joy in negative situations 

Finding humor even in the worst of situations can be a natural catharsis. Laughing reduces stress and tension almost immediately, so if you want to break the habit of negative self-talk, laugh instead! Find the joy and humor in negative situations even when it seems impossible. 

  1. Reaffirm yourself 

Positively reaffirming your abilities can help you get out of a bad mindset. Saying to yourself little things like “I am good enough” or “I can do this” can help you realize that you are those things, and the only person who was holding you back from being “good enough” was yourself. Always remember to treat yourself the way you would treat others.

  1. Identify negative self-talk tendencies 

In what scenarios do you often resort to negative self-talk? If a few scenarios come to mind, these are the situations that you might want to focus your positive self-talk on. Feeding your mindset with negative self-talk during these situations doesn’t benefit your ability to grow or adapt. Instead, focus on a growth mindset and mentally prepare for these situations with positive affirmations.  

  1. Find positive friends 

It’s easy to say you want to think more positively until you’re surrounded by negative people again. It’s easy to absorb the emotions of those around you, especially when it’s all you come into contact with. Once you fall right back into those negative thoughts, it can be damaging. To avoid this, always have those positive people in your life who will support your positive outlook on life. 

  1. Check your thoughts

When you’re having a bad day, make sure to check in with your thoughts. Ask yourself if your thoughts are becoming more negative and it’s causing you to go into a deeper state of negativity. Identifying the sources can be hard, especially when it’s yourself. So always check in with yourself because at the end of the day, that’s who matters most.