Saint Patrick’s Day DIYs

Saint Patrick’s Day is just a week away! That means it’s time to start pulling out supplies to make some DIY’s for this holiday. For some inspiration, we’ve compiled a list of DIY’s that you can try! 

  1. St. Patricks Day Clay Pot Planters

If you’re a plant lover, then this is the perfect DIY for you! This DIY is simple yet effective and can be used for any other holiday you want to celebrate. All you need is a clay pot, some paint brushes and paint, a saint patty’s day stencil of your choosing, and some plants! For more instructions, click on the link above! 

The Kim Six Fix
  1. Shamrock String Art

String art is always a fun DIY project for any time of the year, but this is a DIY that you can bring out for years to come! All you need is an outline of a three leaf clover, some nails, a board, a hammer, and some green string. Once you have all of the nails in the board, you can start filling it in with your string! For the full tutorial, go to the creators website linked above. 

  1. Lucky Pallet Sign 

This sign can end up looking any way you want it to. In the example from the creators website, she makes the word “lucky” from scrapbook paper in order to make a cute Saint Patrick’s Day sign. She also adds different types of string to the sign in order to make it pop a bit more. So get creative and break out your scrapbook paper! Check out their website linked above!

A Wonderful Thought
  1. Farmhouse Shamrock Garland

For our people who like to sew, this is the perfect DIY to put your skills to use! This DIY is a classy way to show your excitement for Saint Patty’s Day. With some stencils, fabric, string, rice, and a sewing machine, you can make a beautiful garland! For an in-depth tutorial, check out the creators website linked above. 

  1. St. Patrick’s Day Wine Bottle Centerpiece

Do you have a bunch of empty wine bottles that you don’t know what to do with? Make them into a centerpiece! With some paint brushes and paint, buttons, tape, a hot glue gun, and some optional supplies, you can make your wine bottle look like a leprechaun! Check out the tutorial above to see the final product!